‘Paranormal Activity 4’ is scarily suprising

Kristen Friis, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager

Released on Oct. 19, Paranormal Activity 4, the fourth thriller in the bone chilling series, is suprising viewers in many different ways.

The first few movies consist of two sisters Katie and Kristi, who, since they were children, were haunted by a supernatural presence. Every movie is put in a different point of view, but they all consist of home-taken videos, which make the theme and setting more creepy and practical.

The first three films are about one family being haunted, whereas the fourth movie is about a neighbor of the family being haunted by the same spirit.

Many viewers who compared it to the other movies didn’t like it as much as the other viewers who hadn’t even seen the other three.

“I didn’t see the other three movies, but it was awesome! I liked it, but there weren’t enough scary parts,” commented sophomore Christian Nahlinder.

“This one was less scary,” said sophomore Aaron Karpie. “I liked it because it didn’t fail to creep me out, but it just wasn’t as scary as the other ones. The thing about these movies is that they’re not really scary, its just the suspense that gets your heart pumping.”

On Fandango.com, critics say it’s a “no” go, and fans say “so-so.”

3 out of 5 stars.