Powderpuff seniors emerge victorious


Inaaya Omer

The senior powderpuff team poses with their banner after winning the championship game.

With just one minute left on the clock, Maya Blodgett, a senior, scored her second touchdown in the championship powderpuff game on Oct. 29, securing the win for the senior team. 

“It’s such a great feeling [to score the touchdown],” Blodgett said. “I love the seniors; this year has been amazing so far, and our team is honestly such a great team to be on.”

This year, four powderpuff games took place. The seniors beat the sophomores 21-7 on Oct. 25, and the juniors beat the freshmen 21-7 on Oct. 26. The third game, which took place on Oct. 28, was the consolation game between the freshmen and the sophomores. 

“I was pretty confident that the sophomores would beat the freshmen. I think we had a really good chance at beating the freshmen. I think [players and three coaches quitting] set back our team because we had a lot of players set at certain positions, but overall I think we came together with the players that we had, and we took the dub,” said Julio Dimauro, a sophomore powderpuff team coach. 

With a victory of 21-7, the sophomores won against the freshmen. Following that, the seniors prevailed over the juniors in the championship game, which had the highest final score at 35-14. Senior coach Brady Green attributed this success to a team effort to come out on top.

“In our freshmen and sophomore years, we never won a game… but then this year, everyone actually came to practices. I think everyone worked hard,” Green said.

Senior Class President and powderpuff cheerleader Nate Hsich remarked that winning the championship would mean so much to a team that hasn’t won any games throughout their time at Carlmont.

Hsich said, “Before last game [the first powderpuff game], we’ve never gotten a win, so we go from zero to hero; if we win the championship game in our senior year that’s everything.”