SAT and ACT cancellation influences high school students’ future


Karla Lee

As test dates are nearing, students are beginning to study and taking as much practice tests as possible.

SATs and ACTs are not taking place in many places and were canceled multiple times at Carlmont High School due to the pandemic.

The Carlmont administrators sent out an announcement on Aug. 20 about the tests’ cancellation. They planned on making up for the SATs for Carlmont seniors only. 

Currently, there has been one makeup test because, during that time, San Mateo’s positivity rate for coronavirus was less than 8%, which was below the purple widespread risk zone. Depending on the situation, there might be another makeup test on Oct. 27.

“If we get bumped back in the purple zone, then Oct. 27 will be canceled,” Heidy Bravo, an instructional vice-principal at Carlmont High School, said. 

Despite the canceled tests, some students were not stressed because many colleges are waiving the SAT and ACT scores on the applications to make it fair for everyone.

“I think it’s a good thing because it’s going to give the underdogs that don’t test well an opportunity,” Bravo said.

There were negative impacts on several students who have not taken the test, such as limited practice tests, as well as forgetting the skills and information needed for the test. 

“You have to keep practicing until you take the test just so that you don’t forget,” Christina Fu, a junior at Carlmont High School, said. 

Although the SATs were continued, the ACTs were canceled altogether because, according to Bravo, administrators tried to contact the ACT but never received a reply. The cancellation also had a negative effect on Jeremy Chan, a senior at Carlmont High School. 

“Originally, [I was] planning to take the ACT because I liked it better and also did better on it during the practice test,” Chan said.  

The coordinators are planning to continue the future tests, like the PSAT, as long as San Mateo County is not in the purple zone. According to Bravo, if the pandemic continues next year, there will be changes to the rules regarding the tests.  

Students continue to have a positive outlook on their future, regardless of the SAT and ACT’s cancellation,

 “If colleges go by the word and say that they won’t judge a student based on their SAT and ACT, I should be fine,” Chan said. 

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