School activities and clubs work to end on a high note


CSF President Melanie Anderson announces the events that members can participate in during a meeting.

Danielle Hamer, Scot Scoop In Depth Editor

Students, teachers, and everyone on campus can almost taste summer approaching. However, before students finish that last final and turn  books in for beach towels, campus activities and clubs rush to end their year on a high note.

The end of the school year is a time when most clubs and school activities come to a close. Many must put in extra work to complete the year on a good note or fulfill their requirements and goals.

CSF President Melanie Anderson announces the events that members can participate in during a meeting.
CSF President Melanie Anderson announces the events that members can participate in during a meeting.

Community service club Carlmont Scholastic Foundation has a policy that requires each member to attend at least one event coordinated by the club, and complete nine hours of service through the course of the year. This has sent students scrambling during the last month of school to reach this goal.

Junior and club member Amber Governale said, “Now that the end of the year is so close, I feel rushed to attend a CSF event. There is more volunteer opportunities for members right now than there was at the beginning of the year because everyone realizes they must finish the requirement so soon.”

Other clubs are taking action and planning events right now as one of the final opportunities to do so during the school year.

Senior and Vice President of the Green Youth Alliance Club Franklin Rice said, “Our club is planning to volunteer at the Maker Faire in a few days, which is a convention with an environmental focus. It is a very big event club members can attend and we are happy to contribute to it.”

As clubs put in hard work in their final month, so do other school activities. Among AP testing and finals, students who are involved with multiple extracurriculars find themselves balancing a lot at one time.

Sophomore Rachel Spivak, who is currently performing in Carlmont’s dance show, feels that the end of the year- and the end of school activities- brings a lot of chaos.

Spivak said, “For the dance show, we have many rehearsals to attend, and we must be very committed. There is a lot of effort being put in. It is stressful because all of the other activities we do are also doing a lot at the same time.”

For the remaining month, club officers and club members may find themselves putting in extra effort to end the year with a bang by doing what is important to them.

Whether that means community service, helping the environment, or giving an energetic dance performance, students will be able to showcase their accomplishments throughout the year before we say goodbye to school for vacation.

Dance teacher Ame Secrist runs the dance show, and stresses that dancers put their full effort into preparation for the show. She knows that the end of the year is a busy time for students.

Secrist said, “It is all one big juggling act.”