Scots wrestling preps for inaugural season


Tripp Garrish

Reid Rodriguez, a junior, and Clayton Monge, a junior, prepare to wrestle against each other.

The Carlmont Scots wrestling program prepares to partake in their first season with many new faces on the team.

In prior years, the team had to travel to Sequoia High School to practice and compete, which made wrestling inconvenient for many Carlmont students.

“I’m really excited that the team is practicing at Carlmont now. It will help the team a lot because we will have more time to focus on the technique in wrestling, and less time worrying about commuting to Sequoia and trying to balance schoolwork,” said Zane Rodriguez, a junior.

The team has been focusing on perfecting their basic techniques in preparation for their season, especially since there are many newcomers. With this hurdle, returning wrestlers such as Reid Rodriguez, a junior, have to step up and lead the team.

“Us returning wrestlers really have to lead by example and push the team. We also need to help our teammates that are new to the sport so we can be a well-rounded team. I think that having a successful team starts with being disciplined, attentive, and hungry to succeed,” Reid Rodriguez said.

The new wrestlers have come along way, even in the short period since practice has started. This quick improvement can be credited to the returners, especially Reid Rodriguez.

“[Reid Rodriguez] always corrects our form and shows off new techniques. It also helps that he is a talented wrestler,” said Frank Mao, a junior.

In addition to the increased participation as a whole, the amount of new female wrestlers has skyrocketed. Last year the team only had one female wrestler, but this year there are five competitors.

“I joined the team with my friend because we thought it would be a fun thing to do. I’m glad we started wrestling because my teammates are always supportive, and they make my day. Our coach also is really cool and helps me a lot,” said Rita Kravtchenko, a sophomore.

With a small and inexperienced team, the chemistry the team is building is essential. The Scots’ bond and technique will be tested on Nov. 30, when they will compete in their first tournament of the year.

This season is a chance for the team to prove themselves to Carlmont and the other teams in the league.

“I’m happy that the sport is starting to reach more students at Carlmont. I would love to see the sport grow more and more at this school,” Zane Rodriguez said.