Screamin’ Scots rally for sports teams


Noelle Erslovas

Screamin’ Scots gather for the varsity football game with a “White-out” theme

Carlmont’s Screamin’ Scots energizes and brings students together with school spirit and support.  Led by the Associated Student Body (ASB), the group gathers at football games to cheer on the hard-working athletes on the field.

The Screamin’ Scots aims to spread positivity in what they do and offer a way to indulge in activities after a long week of school. To provide some organization within the group, its leaders hold meetings to demonstrate the different chants and work to keep people in the bleachers. They also coordinate with the Carlmont cheer team so they can support each other with complimentary cheers. The main purpose is to get students to come to the games feeling excited, spirited, and ready to energetically root for their team.

“I love the energy we bring from the stands,” said Nate Hsich, a Carlmont senior. When I talk to the football players, they tell me that they feed off the energy from the crowd, so we try to be as loud as possible for them.” 

Besides providing support for Carlmont sports teams, Screamin’ Scots tries a multitude of ways to encourage a good time for its participants in the audience. From its uniform cheers to the creation of fun themes for students, the organization has created many ways that spectators in the section can participate and have fun during the games. 

Maya Blodgett, a Carlmont senior, hopes that the Screamin’ Scots continues to foster this tight-knit environment and make up for the lack of school togetherness that resulted from distance learning. 

Carlmont varsity football team shows their sportsmanship to Palo Alto after being cheered on throughout the game
(Noelle Erslovas)

“We hope to accomplish more class and school spirit, especially right now with COVID-19,” Blodgett said. “There’s a lot of disconnect, and I think it’s important for everyone to be together during this time and have fun.”

This past weekend, the Screamin’ Scots enthusiastically cheered on the Carlmont varsity football team for their game against Palo Alto High School, dressed up for a white-out theme. Students crowded together in the stands, filling the field with positive energy and school pride. Hsich enjoys themes like this, believing they add more school spirit and provide a cool and fun way to foster unity among the attendees.

“I think [the themes] are really cool because you can see a whole section that is in uniform with the theme for the game,” Hsich said.

For many students, Screamin’ Scots has proved an amazing and fun experience to be a part of. Ariana Goldenshteyn, a Carlmont senior, enjoys many aspects of being a part of the Screamin’ Scots and looks forward to participating during the games.

“I love how I can be myself, and I’m with all my friends and just see how everyone is in such a good place and are so happy,” Goldenshteyn said.