Singing Scots prepare for their journey to space


Jill Albertson

Carlin Troung, the assistant director for Carlmont Choirs, works with Chamber Choir to prepare for the Pops Benefit Concert.

Jill Albertson, Staff Writer

Carlmont Choirs is busy at work to prepare for the annual Pops Benefit Concert on Oct. 16 and 17.

This year’s theme is “Scots In Space,” featuring all sci fi-related music and decorations. The performance consists of all enrolled choir classes at Carlmont, including the student-run a cappella groups and show choir.

Director of Carlmont Choirs Genevieve Tep said: “When choosing the theme, I just pick something that sounds fun, that is a little unique and the choir kids like. Also it has to be something catchy. ‘Pops concert’ isn’t interesting and is bad for marketing, yet ‘Scots in Space’ is silly and people will remember it.”

Tep began programming for the Pops Concert over the summer and has been rehearsing with the choir students the entire first quarter.

Choir freshman Will Nadan said: “I’m really liking my first year of choir. Everyone’s really nice, and we get a lot done. I think the concert is going to be really cool because we have a lot of different lighting effects. I’m excited to see it all come together.”

In order to prepare for the concert, Tep puts in numerous hours of work with her students and parent volunteers. The rehearsal process consists of learning the various levels of music for each choir and then perfecting it until it’s performance ready.

Four-year choir senior Pyper Hayden said, “In rehearsal, as we approach the concert, we work on songs mixed up on the risers so we can figure out what positions we sound the best in.”

Previous Pops Concerts at Carlmont have raised a sufficient amount of money for the choir program, funding all the various events Carlmont Choirs puts on. This year, Tep, along with many others, are excited and hoping for the same turn out.

Hayden said: “I think it’s going to be better than all the previous concerts because we have a really strong theme and the music we picked is great. I think people are really going to enjoy it.”

Tickets are priced from $20 to $35  depending on location of seating and can be purchased on Carlmont High School’s website.