Students and staff struggle to adjust after mid-winter break


Adri ten Cate

After mid-winter break, many have to get used to going back to school again.

With mid-winter break coming to an end, students and staff now need to get back into school. Unfortunately, for many, this doesn’t come easy.

Feb. 23 was the last day of break. That night, many had to set their alarms to ensure that they would wake up and make it to school on time.

“I have found it difficult to come back from this break. I feel like we were just getting back into a routine and flow after winter break when this break started, and now we have to start all over again,” said Kim Callan, a Carlmont math teacher. 

Mid-winter break, also known as ski week, is just a month and a half after winter break. This break gives students a chance to relax or go on a trip with their family. For many, this break also provides relief from a hectic schedule of extracurriculars and schoolwork. But, it may disrupt teachers’ lessons and make it difficult for them to stay on track with their semester plan.

“I personally find this break beneficial but not important because of how much trouble it causes for teachers’ lesson plans,” said Seona Sherman, a sophomore.

Some students use this break to prepare for the rest of the semester. Many teachers also assign homework to do over break or schedule tests for the week after. Additionally, mid-winter break is just a couple of months away from the Advanced Placement tests, so many students choose to study during their time off. With all of these assignments and tests, students often can’t have a completely stress-free vacation.

“I spent the early half of my break prepping for my quizzes, practicing characters for Chinese, quizzing myself, and getting ahead on reading … I definitely saw this break as a time to study, work, and plan,” Sherman said.

As students adjust back to school, they also consider both the advantages and the disadvantages of mid-winter break. Many aren’t opposed to the idea of having a week off, but some find it difficult for them to come back to school at the end of a nine-day vacation. 

“I do like having this break, but when I came back to school, I realized a shorter break might have been better,” said Sarah Dunwoody, a senior.