Students encouraged to compliment each other


Hanalei Pham

Students are given a piece of paper so that they can send compliments to a friend for free.

Hanalei Pham, Scot Scoop Editor

Write something nice and make someone’s day.

The Anonymous Compliments initiative will run until Friday, Jan. 22. Set up by ASB Service Council, the anonymous compliments are meant to make people feel better about themselves.

ASB is comprised of two councils: Service Council and Executive Council. While the Executive Council is more spirit based, drawing in a group of students with a big comfort zone, Service Council is made to appeal to everyone, no matter how big or small their comfort zone.

Do Something Commissioner Matthew Irwin said, “Service Council meets people in their comfort zones. The anonymous compliments are to make sure that all students feel that they have a place at Carlmont.”

The compliments promote school connectivity and are intended to make the school atmosphere a little happier.

Recognition Commissioner Cate Armstrong said, “Anonymous Compliments will give people the opportunity to say something nice and make someone’s day in a no-pressure environment. They make a connection [between students] in the school and let everyone know that people care about them. People are getting something nice [without] having to give something themselves; it brings greater cheer to people. So far I think we have at least 400 compliments written.”

Throughout the week, students crowded the Anonymous Compliments stand, located in the quad and in C hall, to write something kind to their fellow students. The colorful, bright notes will be distributed during third period on Monday, Jan. 25.

Junior Tori Miranda said, “I wrote an anonymous compliment because I want [people] to feel appreciated and to know that they mean something to someone. I really like what the Anonymous Compliments initiative is doing because everyone is in a better mood when they come to school, and they know that what they are doing isn’t for nothing. I really appreciate those who wrote one because no matter how small is was, it will make the receiver feel better.”