Students exhibit Thanksgiving spirit through grams and activites


Noelle Erslovas

Students write out their Thanksgiving grams.

This Thanksgiving, students celebrate by giving thanks to their classmates and teachers with Thanksgiving grams and participating in traditional Thanksgiving activities.

Students wrote notes to their friends throughout Friday and Monday to be delivered just in time for Thanksgiving. Kind gestures and the Thanksgiving spirit spread throughout campus, as well as students’ excitement for activities during the break.

Thanksgiving grams are a spirited activity organized by the Associated Student Body (ASB) for anyone to take part in to give back and say thanks to their fellow friends and teachers. ASB members put out slips of paper along with a box to put them in and an assortment of markers. 

The service council organizers of ASB organized this festive project to bring the Thanksgiving spirit among students and feelings of gratefulness.

The idea is to feel better, because somebody sent you something or feel better because you’re giving something to somebody”

— Jim Kelly

On Friday and Monday, ASB members set up the tables for students to write out the grams. The members then sent out the grams on Tuesday during second period. Students participating wrote the second period of the person they wanted to give the gram out to on that slip of paper. 

We just wanted to do something special for Thanksgiving. We thought it’d be cute to do something related to Thanksgiving specifically and have people be able to show their love for their friends,” said Katherine Yu, a Carlmont junior.

Besides the enjoyment of Thanksgiving-themed activities at school, students share excitement for events they’ll be taking part in at home.

ThanksgivinG Fun Facts by Noelle Erslovas

“For Thanksgiving, I’m staying home and spending time with my family. I’m going to enjoy my break, relax and eat delicious food,” said Samantha Niles, a Carlmont sophomore.

Plenty of students look forward to the break they’ll be enjoying at home, and many share similar events to look forward to besides the company of their family. Monika Mukerji, a Carlmont freshman, looks forward to an exciting sporting event this Thanksgiving.

“During Thanksgiving break, I’ll be going to my family’s house and having lunch. I’m also going to be going to a 49ers game as well. I’m super excited to be taking a break from school, too,” Mukerji said.

Mukerji briefly mentioned being excited about taking time off from school, which has been a familiar feeling students experience during this time of year. Although the preparations for finals are what’s to come after the break, students still find time to relax before this rush of work. 

“I think the holidays are a good time to be with my family, and they’re also a time where I can fully relax,” said Jacob Young, a Carlmont sophomore.

Ultimately, the spirit activity was a fun and festive way for students to uplift their peers and celebrate the holiday at school, and the purpose encapsulated the positive feelings of gratitude that the holiday instills.

“The idea is to feel better, because somebody sent you something or feel better because you’re giving something to somebody,” said Jim Kelly, who oversees ASB.