Students prepare during last review week of the year


Lucas Rudan

Students studying during class.

The last week before finals comes with an everyday block-day schedule to help prepare students for finals starting May 27. 

The modified schedule lasts until May 26, and changes include a 9:32 a.m. start for students with a first period, and an 8 a.m start for students with a zero period. Every day until May 27 is a block schedule, alternating odd then even periods. This change brings mixed opinions as students debate the effectiveness of review week’s scheduling changes.  

“Review week is good if you use your time well. If you’re good at time management, the long periods can offer a good opportunity to study,” said sophomore Luke Murphy.

Review week is good if you use your time well”

— Luke Murphy

With periods being over an hour long, teachers can use class for quiet work time or discussions and lectures to help study for finals. 

“It allows students to ask their teachers questions and concerns about upcoming finals,” Ethan Huang, a sophomore, said. 

Review week also offers time to catch up on sleep. On Monday and Wednesday, students with a zero period have the opportunity to sleep in and start class later than usual. Despite getting extra sleep, review week means the approach of spring finals, which can bring stress and worry to the student body. 

“Review week is one of the more stressful times of the school year. I’m always overwhelmed with hours of studying,” Mia Lim, a sophomore, said.

There are many advantages to the temporary change, allowing students to work with their peers and teachers and study for finals. Review week also brings the stress of finals, pushing students to begin studying for their tests. The good news is the approaching last day of school on June 2, which marks the end of the Carlmont school year, giving the student body a long-awaited summer vacation.