Students reflect on the first month of the new school year


Mari Ramirez

Students evaluate how the transition from summer to school has gone so far.

Going back to school from summer break is not always easy, and many factors go into how smooth or difficult that transition can be.

Now that school has been in session for about a month, it’s essential to reflect on this transition.

“Overall, I think coming back the first month of school has been fairly smooth, especially for a school that has a huge student population,” Principal Ralph Crame said.

Although the feedback may consist of positive responses, it depends on who the person is to evaluate the transition.

For Anthony Martin, a junior, it takes time to adjust to the new routine; this isn’t something that comes as a surprise to him.

“Ever since middle school, it has always taken the first few weeks for me to adjust to the new routine,” Martin said.

However, that’s not always the case; some are capable of adapting quickly to the new school year.

“Since I start work at the beginning of August, it gives me time to adjust to the transition by myself. Then the staff starts showing up, and it only takes me about a few days to get situated once school officially starts,” Crame said.

This year, the bell schedule has been a slight obstacle with the adjustment of the new edition called flex time.

“The Monday, Tuesday, and Friday schedule is great because that’s what we’ve had the past years. But, the flex period is taking some time to adapt to, because it’s so new,” Crame said.

Even though the flex period is a new routine staff and students have to account for, many find it a positive addition to the schedule.

“From what I’ve heard so far, it seems that a lot of people are enjoying flextime and are excited for the 50-minute flex period next semester,” Crame said.

Another component of this school year’s transition is the delay of the planner. In the past, students received their planners at the start of the year; however, this year they were distributed about six weeks late.

For some students to smoothly transition from summer break to school, they need planners to stay on top of their work.

“It was frustrating not having my planner because I wasn’t able to organize or plan for my classes accordingly,” said Brian Lee, a junior.

Although there are have been challenges surrounding the start of the academic year, some students only need time to fix them.

“Even though coming back to school can be challenging, I know I have the right resources to power through until it becomes my new normal again,” Martin said.

Copy of Way to make coming back from summer break easier by Mariela Ramirez

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