Having a job at a favorite place: Starbucks

Having a job at a favorite place: Starbucks

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Students often like to treat themselves to snacks and drinks to either start off their day or refresh themselves after a long day of tests and stress at school.

Starbucks is one of the more common places one might find high school students especially since it is so close to the Carlmont  campus.

Starbucks is popular among students not only because of its convenient location but also because of the items it sells. The majority of students admit that they need caffeine in the mornings in order to feel awake enough to pay attention in their morning classes.

“If I don’t have my morning coffee or tea it’s almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open in first period,” said junior Raine Kerhin.

Not only do Carlmont students that go on a morning or afternoon Starbucks run, but a few students are employees at Starbucks.

Seniors Tatyana Castro and Liam Mercado both have jobs at Starbucks. Castro works at the Redwood Shores location while Mercado works at the Belmont location.

Both students agreed that they sometimes find it difficult to manage work and school, however, being second semester seniors, their schedules are more lenient.

“Working so close to school is convenient because I don’t have to go far. But I mostly enjoy seeing my friends and classmates come in to order drinks or just to say hi to me,” said Mercado.

Castro, who works at the Starbucks located in Redwood Shores does not get to experience fellow students coming in to visit her as often, however she still enjoys her job.

“I go in to visit her [Castro] quite a bit. We’re close friends and sometimes after work if we’re going to hang out she will bring me a drink. I love it,” said junior Neeshae Wain.

“Working at Starbucks is fun but can be overwhelming especially in the mornings when there are so many impatient adults coming in the get their morning coffee before work,” said Castro.

Working under the pressure of time and impatient customers can be a challenge, however, it teaches students such as Castro and Mercado to be efficient.

“I find it amusing when my friends come in the order from me and try to boss me around jokingly. It makes work entertaining and it’s always relieving to see a friendly face that won’t judge me for being another slow teenage employee,” said Castro.

Working at Starbucks or any other jobs that require employees to work under a time limit can be nerve-racking. Although, no matter what job any given Carlmont student has, it will likely teach them qualities that they need to have to progress in the work field as well as how to interact with other working adults.

Having a job as a student may be too much for some to handle, but the individuals that are employed often are taught many useful skills that they will be able to use in their futures.