Taking the “M” out of MTV

Dominic Gialdini, Highlander Editor


MTV, once a television network that focused on broadcasting music videos, is now home to many reality shows. By MTV [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Ever since Music Television made its way onto the airstream in 1981, a large demographic of viewers have been adolescents in high school. While the type of people who view MTV has remained consistent throughout the years, the content of the channel has not.

According to sophomore Monee McGrady, MTV “used to be all music videos, but now it is all reality TV.”

Many factors have contributed to the downfall of MTV’s music video era, the most notable ones being technological innovations.

McGrady said, “I think that the internet as well as the easy access to computers everywhere has lead MTV to change its focus.”

“There are more ways to watch music videos now, like through Youtube. People can watch music videos instantly as opposed to having to wait around to watch them on TV,” said junior Zoe DiMauro.

Not everyone has the same opinion on the reality shows, such as “Buckwild,” “My Super Sweet 16,” and “Jersey Shore,” that have slowly replaced music videos on MTV over the years.

Sophomore Pareesa Darafshi said, “I only like watching MTV sometimes, when ‘Awkward’ is on, because it is entertaining.”

Other students have more critical views towards the content on MTV.

“Shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ are dumb. I don’t get why people sit down for an hour once a week to watch drunk idiots on screen,” said DiMauro.

Older generations also hold strong opinions in regard to MTV.

Sophomore Danielle Al-Abed stated, “My mom gets very upset when she thinks about how reality TV has largely replaced music videos on MTV, because the channel was supposed to be about music, not reality shows.”

Because the name, Music Television, no longer accurately represents the content on MTV, some students believe that the name of the channel should be changed.

“It should just be called, ‘Reality TV Trash,” jokingly said Darafshi.