Tamari Georgian restaurant offers authentic food and homey environment despite COVID-19


Adila Azizali

Tamari Restaurant settles in San Carlos with a alluring atmosphere.

It isn’t easy to find new places to eat, especially under new COVID-19 guidelines. There are countless restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to choose from, making it hard to know which ones are worth going to and which ones make it better just to stay home.

Tamari, an authentic Georgian cuisine restaurant in San Carlos that has recently made its opening, definitely lists in the first group. They serve traditional dishes but aren’t afraid to add their own style. Overall, it’s safe to say that Tamari is an excellent addition to the city and a fun new place to try.

“I have wanted to open a restaurant and share the Georgian culinary tradition [ever since I came to America in 1995]. Tamari derives from three sources: my daughter, my grandmother, who passed her love of cooking down to me, and Queen Tamari of the 12th century, who led Georgia to peace and prosperity,” said Shalva Dzotsenidze, the owner.

The restaurant truly lives up to its legacy. There is only outdoor dining, but sitting outside doesn’t take away from the warm, welcoming ambiance that radiates from the restaurant, the people, and the food.

My favorite dishes were the Mushroom Khinkali, Georgian Salad, and Penovani Khachapuri. My options were limited because I follow a plant-based diet, but the experience was phenomenal regardless of the food.

The wrap used for the Khinkali was soft and silky, and the shredded mushrooms, sautéed onions, and hot peppers that filled it up were immensely satisfying. Another favorite, the Khachapuri, is a delicate dough in the shape of a wide appetizer plate. There is melting cheese on top and a raw egg that cooks on the dough. Overall, it was unlike anything I had tasted before, but it was delicious.

When I was at the restaurant, I also had the pleasure of talking to Rashad Gluyev. As someone visiting from Georgia, Gluyev was familiar with its style of life and cuisine.

“Georgian’s are very warm individuals’ and are welcoming towards guests. They have many dough-based foods, and all are incredibly delicious,” Gluyev said.

Overall, Gluyev was happy with the food and was pleasantly surprised by how authentic it was.

If you want to try Tamari, they are now available for takeout and delivery from Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m to combat COVID-19. I highly recommend going; the restaurant has exceptional food and is worth every penny!