‘Teen Titans Go’ disappoints original fans

Despite bringing back the characters from the original Teen Titans series, many fans were turned off by the crude comedy.


Despite bringing back the characters from the original “Teen Titans” series, many fans were turned off by the crude comedy.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

A new take on the popular 2003 Teen Titans series seems to have an increasingly negative reception as time goes on.

“Teen Titans Go” is based off of the critically-acclaimed “Teen Titans” series, but it takes a different approach by making the show much more lighthearted and targeting younger audiences.

Despite the fact that many had anticipated the show’s release, many fans and critics alike where disappointed after the premiere.

This revival of the series had more of a focus on the comedy and shenanigans than the original show had, with a different and more cartoon-like style for the animation.

However, the humor was much more crude and nonsensical than that of the 2003 series, which made many fans upset.

Much of the story in the first show focused on serious issues and events. Some were disappointed that the new series did not retain this aspect of the old show and instead treated the entire setting and world in a more ridiculous manner.

The animation itself is a nice style, but it is flawed. The constant use of overzealous actions to emphasize the characters is annoying and overused.

At first, the humor was different, but relatively sound. However, as the series progressed, the effort put into the comedy seemed to diminish, leading to the use of overreacting characters and random outbursts of humor.

Although this series was aimed toward children, it is still of poor quality and lacks any interesting in-depth plot, which left a bad impression on many fans.

Some of the slice of life storylines are humorous and plausible to the canon setting, but many of the episodes contain pointless plots that are uninteresting and somewhat unintelligent.

Though it took some steps that the 2003 series did not, like introducing different characters, the new series is still a highly flawed show that appeals primarily to very young children.

2 / 5 stars