The best thin crust pizza in San Carlos


Colley Loum

The outside view of Speederia, located on Laurel st.

Colley Loum, Staff Writer

In an area where thin crust pizza is not very common, Speederia will hit the spot every time.

The small pizzeria has a different and funky look to it. Inside there is limited seating, but there is also some outside.

The restaurant has some mirrors on the walls on both sides which make looking at the walls odd.

Speederia has a core set of pizzas, but also have a range of different pizzas depending on the day.

There is a fair amount of variety to the regular pizzas it serves, and I can guarantee that there will always be a pizza to satisfy anyone’s craving.

Customers are able to buy one or more slices of pizza or they can buy a whole pizza.

Buying the two slice combo is probably Speederia’s best offer for anyone just wanting a quick bite to eat.

The two slice combo entails two slices of whatever type of pizza (both slices can be the same or different) and a fountain drink.

Speederia will not burn a whole through anyone’s wallet either. Its prices are reasonable and the quality of the food exceeds the price.

My favorite kind of pizza Speederia offers is the Brooklyn which is a sausage and pepperoni pizza.

Other great pizzas are the chicken pesto, the tomato and basil, and many others.

Speederia is a great spot for anyone who wants to grab a quick slice of pizza.

Speederia is located on Laurel street in downtown San Carlos.

4 / 5 stars