The Melt: grilled cheese and soup cafe goes viral

The Melt: grilled cheese and soup cafe goes viral

[media-credit name=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”205″][/media-credit]The Melt is a grilled cheese and soup cafe style restaurant located in downtown Burlingame and downtown Redwood City.

The cozy little cafe’s very laid back and comfortable ambiance matches its very informal menu.

Although the menu is limited to soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, they are still able to provide a good variety of options.

With many different cheeses, breads, and soup, along with a few toppings like bacon, customers are able to personalize their order to a decent extent.

Customers have the choice of just a grilled cheese, just a soup, or both, along with any of their limited variety of drinks.

Along with the delicious food, the cafe provides a very unique but comfortable atmosphere.

With an order queue board, which displays the progress of your order, and electronic outlets at every booth, the restaurant is welcoming advancements although it keeps its menu simple.

In my personal experience, I had a sourdough and white cheddar sandwich with the spicy tortilla soup. I found the soup to be the perfect complement to the irresistibly perfect grilled cheese.

My only complaint is the service speed was a bit slow, but as it was around noon it is understandable.

Overall, The Melt was a fantastic experience as the food was exquisitely prepared and the atmosphere was both comfortable and innovated.  Although it was a bit pricey, I would say it is completely worth the few extra dollars.

Overall: 5/5

Kids: yes

Seating: medium

Service speed: medium