The Testing Book Drive provides materials for students in need


Payton Zolck

Sophomore Katelyn Gamberin uses an AP testing book to help her prepare for her AP test in the Spring.

With so many tests that high schoolers are required to take, several students tend to use an immense amount of testing books. Once the test is over, many students are left with books they will never use again.

Every year, the ASB Access Commission sets up a Testing Book Drive. This drive is an effort to receive testing books from those who no longer need them and to give them to those who do.

“The Testing Book Drive is an effort to reuse books that otherwise will just get thrown away, and it’s an effort to say, hey, look, somebody’s got books, somebody needs them. Let’s meet that need,” said Jim Kelly, the ASB activities director.

Besides just being a way to reuse books, some students, such as Ayan Dixit, the commissioner of the ASB Access Commission, believe that the Testing Book Drive is a great way to unite the student body and create a community within the school.

“The drive creates a bond between the upper class and lower class because you get their book and then it’s a tradition you pass on the same book,” Dixit said.

Many students say that they use testing books to help them study. According to Dixit, another reason for this drive is to allow those who can’t afford testing books to do well on their tests. Also, these students will be able to have a resource in which they can rely on and look to for help.

“We pick out the best books and give them to the less advantaged people in the school. So, it’s a way of helping people who need it,” Dixit said.

Katelyn Gambarin, a sophomore, believes that testing books are essential for student’s success on tests. She thinks they help relieve stress for many high schoolers with upcoming AP tests or SATs.

“As a high school student, if you’re taking a lot of advanced classes, it’s really overwhelming if you don’t have some way to narrow all of the information down. The fact that they make testing books for different AP classes is super helpful because it helps students taking advanced classes destress,” Gambarin said.

The testing books create such a significant impact on success in testing, and thus the Testing Book Drive is a great way to get books to those who need them and who will benefit from the extra practice and studying material.

If you have testing books you no longer need, the Testing Book Drive is an excellent way for you to let those books be reused and to give back to your community. The Testing Book Drive began on September 30 and will continue until October 4, but it is possible that the dates may be altered by ASB.