The Used album expresses uniqueness

The Used album expresses uniqueness

Alex Lay, Staff Writer

The album “Imaginary Enemy” by The Used expresses true rock sound in its own way.

Many aspects of rock of rock and roll that make it rock and roll are expressed throughout the album, a quality that is missing in most of the music in today’s world.

The band The Used is famous for their high quality music and talent of relating to their audience through lyrics and emotions.

“‘Imaginary Enemy’ is a really good album, but I have to be in the right mood to enjoy it. The music itself is great even if you took away the lyrics,” said sophomore Lauren Young.

“Imaginary Enemy” shows the unique nature of the band through excellently performed music that attracts rock fans from all generations.

In each song, the band addresses something new, including the common topic of love and the uncommon topic of politics, something rarely addressed in today’s music world.

Each aspect of the music, from the vocals to the drums, ties together perfectly in a way that allows fans to revel in each song.

“The album has lots of drums that I enjoyed listening to because they were played with lots of passion. The lead singers voice was amazing as well, really adding to the quality of the album,” said sophomore Lauren Schmal.

When The Used formed as a band in 2001, they followed a consistent and excellent path toward the original rock sound. That passion has paid off due to their popularity and success as a band.

“Imaginary Enemy” is an upbeat album in which each song can be categorized as high energy rock and roll.

The use of the vocals, the guitar and the drums expresses the originality of the band in songs such as “Cry” and “Make Believe” because of their talent of producing individualized music.

Although this genre of music isn’t for all listeners, each song is incredibly unique in comparison to others and offers variety.

Throughout the years, The Used has been able to consistently provide the music world with excellent rock music with its own original twist.

Fans remain dedicated to The Used and enjoy the album with the same passion they have for the other albums produced by the band such as “Lies for the Liars.”

Carlmont senior Charlotte Jackman, “‘Imaginary Enemy’ is a great album that is very relatable and easy to enjoy.”

Each song on the album is different, adding diversity and managing to maintain the true rock feel fans seek.