Thief shatters Laurel Street store windows


Racquel Walker

Zuill’s attack leaves the doors and windows of White Sage and Starbucks on Laurel Street shattered.

The path of the rigid sphere aimed for the crystal clear window of White Sage, a store on Laurel Street, San Carlos. After the rock left his hand, it immediately impacted the glass, shattering pieces of the translucent material all over the sidewalk.  

On Monday, Nov. 15, 51-year-old Robert Zuill allegedly threw rocks at store windows on the 600th block of Laurel Street and stole items from Society. The stones broke multiple windows and doors, casting fragments of glass over the pavement.

Among the vandalized stores were Starbucks, Boba Guys, White Sage, and Laurel Street Salon. All four stores had windows broken and glass shattered. In addition, multiple items were stolen from Society, a skate shop on Laurel Street. Police identified Zuill as a suspect after stolen items were found around him and surveillance footage tied him to the acts of vandalism. 

 Multiple store workers claim that the incident hurt no one. However, some stores, including White Sage, Starbucks, and Laurel Street Salon, had to close for a day to repair the damage. 

White Sage is a small boutique run by a mother and daughter partnership. A rock hit the glass door, shattering it. Fortunately, according to employees, the damage was considered minor and covered by insurance. 

“Luckily, it was just the door,” said Sofia Kurt, an employee at the store. “We did have to close for a full day to get the doors boarded up,” She said.

Jimena Delaquintana, another employee at White Sage, added that no one was hurt and that Zuill didn’t come into the store. 

A Boba Guys employee explained that the incident had no significant effect on their store, other than some broken glass.

“He broke the window, but we didn’t close. Nothing really happened. It wasn’t too bad,” the employee said.

Like White Sage, Society’s front door was shattered during the break-in. According to employees at the store, the damage forced workers to board up the front until future notice. 

“The biggest inconvenience is not having a front door. But luckily, we have a back door, so we didn’t have to close,” said Michael Anderson, a Society employee. 

In addition to the broken door, Zuill stole almost $900 worth of merchandise, including two longboards, some shoes, and a hat. Luckily, the merchandise was returned to the store when police arrested Zuill. 

Some stores, including Society, are still struggling to determine if insurance will cover the damage or if the cost will come out of the store’s pocketbook. 

“It was really up in the air at first as to if insurance would cover the damage. We still aren’t sure if they will cover it or not,” Anderson said.

Stores including Laurel Street Salon and Starbucks did not comment on the incident. 

The incident continues to be an open investigation, and Police have yet to deliver more than a press release on the matter. Laurel Street stores will continue to pick up the pieces and repair the damage Zuill allegedly caused.