Twin Day uplifts students’ spirit


Lauren Elliott

Ava Farrell, Makayla Miller, and Kacy Wang match to participate in Twin Day and show their school spirit. “I think spirit days give students something to look forward too,” Farrell said.

Carlmont’s Associative Student Body (ASB) planned “Twin Day,” allowing students to match with their friends and develop a sense of school spirit.

Nicole Miranda, a junior in ASB, was the student who came up with the idea of having a twin day.

“It all started with a TikTok where someone was saying that this year we were going to have Feb. 22 in 2022. I thought that was really cool and wanted to make it a twin day since the date would be 2/22/22,” Miranda said.

However, the original plan faced an issue. Feb. 22 occurred during the mid-winter break. Miranda was able to talk to Jim Kelly, the ASB teacher, and they settled on having Twin Day on Feb. 2. 

This way, the date would still have all twos, and students would be able to participate as the event would occur during school.

To plan the event, Miranda organized graphics for social media and posters to be put up around the school.

“I just hoped the word got around and that people would have fun twinning with their friends,” Miranda said.

On the spirit day, many students matched with their friends to participate. Kacy Wang, a freshman, dressed up to twin with her friends by wearing white sweaters, white shoes, and black pants. 

“I normally do participate in spirit days, I think it’s a great way to show school spirit, and it’s fun to plan outfits with friends,” Wang said. 

When students have school spirit, it really unites the school in a positive way, which is what the goal of spirit activities are”

— Nicole Miranda

In addition to Twin Day, Wang added that spirited events greatly benefit the campus. 

“I think the events that ASB plan are helpful for students as it allows them to have more fun and enjoy wearing something they usually wouldn’t to school,” Wang said.

Like Wang, Miranda explained how it is ASB’s job to bring a positive attitude to campus. This can be achieved through spirit days.

“As someone in ASB, I feel like I’m biased in saying this but doing these activities and going to the events at Carlmont always makes me happier. If more students can feel that way, then ASB is doing its job,” Miranda said. 

Ava Farrell, a freshman, enjoys participating in ASB activities.

“ASB helps because they come up with the ideas, spread the word, and they always participate in the spirit days, so other students feel less afraid too,” Farrell said.

Ultimately, Twin Day was a success, providing Carlmont’s campus with a great sense of community and fun. 

“When students have school spirit, it really unites the school in a positive way, which is what the goal of spirit activities are,” Miranda said.