Upcoming Snowman Project fundraiser aims to raise Carlmont’s holiday spirit


Griffin Soelberg

Led by Griffin Soelberg, a senior, students involved with last year’s Project Snowman fundraiser worked to create graphics such as this. They also decorated boxes to resemble presents, which they used to collect money for the less-fortunate families of Carlmont. “It looks like you’re putting money into a present, and the money actually goes to buying presents,” Soelberg said.

The Carlmont Associated Student Body (ASB) will hold its second annual Snowman Project during the upcoming holiday season. The event will raise money that will go to some of the less-fortunate families of students at Carlmont.

Money is raised in the form of student donations, which are then turned into gift cards. The gift cards are distributed amongst underprivileged families to make sure as many Carlmont families as possible can celebrate the holidays.

“I heard that there were about 13 kids that couldn’t use the cans from our canned food drives,” said Griffin Soelberg, a senior who led the project last year. “It made me wonder if donations in the form of gift cards would be a better way to help them celebrate the holidays.”

Students who are willing to donate will have a chance to do so from Dec. 9-13. Throughout that week, ASB students will walk around campus with decorated boxes to collect donations.

Last year during the first Snowman Project, a team of about 15 students raised around $1,500, well exceeding their $600 goal.

“The goal for this year is to raise $2,000,” Soelberg said. “Now I have a better idea of what I need to do, and what works and what doesn’t.”

Those involved in the planning process were glad that their project last year was able to become as big as it was.

“It was incredible that we were able to generate some cash for families that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford things like holiday gifts,” said Jim Kelly, the ASB adviser.

In addition to this fundraiser’s impact on those who receive the donations, it also affects the donators.

“I think seeing the donation that you made being put to good use, and seeing that donation help somebody enjoy the holidays, is very fulfilling,” said Cole Gunning, a sophomore.

The project allows students and staff to encourage and uplift one another. It also provides a chance to make a profound impact on the Carlmont community.

“It wasn’t just students, the whole school helped out,” Soelberg said. “It helps us understand that we are a community and that we care about each other.”

Students are encouraged to donate any amount of money that they can towards the project in order to make it as successful as possible.

“It’s important to be appreciative of what you have, and then understand your ability to just give a little bit to families that don’t have as much,” Kelly said. “Second year, fingers crossed!”