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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Upcoming school year offers new classes to students

Emma Wu
As counselor meetings commence for course selection, students plan the classes they wish to take. “I would recommend them to talk to teachers and get a sense of whether the teacher would recommend a class for the student or not,” said Carlmont counselor Andrew Kahn.

As students start receiving emails in their inboxes about upcoming counselor meetings to select classes for the next year, word of new class offerings at Carlmont breezes through the halls. With various new courses for different grade levels, students begin to think through their schedule for the next school year and the homework and stress it entails. 

For the 2024-25 school year, Andrew Kahn, a counselor at Carlmont, begins assisting students by signing up for these new classes, showcasing the available options and the grade levels they are offered to. 

Several new Advanced Placement (AP) courses are being introduced for the upcoming school year. AP Seminar, a class that concentrates on research and analyzing studies as part of the AP Capstone program, is now open to sophomores and juniors. 

AP Language and Composition, a class on the ideas of philosophy that used to only be offered to seniors, will now be available to juniors as well. 

In the science department, juniors and seniors can now enroll in AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (E&M). Furthermore, Entrepreneurship, a part of the business program, is a new class offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

“I think that, except for Entrepreneurship, these classes will cause our students more stress as there will be increased pressure to take more AP classes,” Kahn said. 

Many students must consider their homework load and stress levels as they begin to arrange their classes for the upcoming year. 

Kathleen Le-Vu, a current sophomore, is considering AP Language and Composition as her English credit for the new school year. While filling out her schedule, she also surveys the other AP classes she wishes to take. 

“I think that AP Language seems like it’s a big time commitment, so I would have to block out more time for homework,” Le-Vu said. “I’m considering AP Language because it’s an AP and five-point class.”

However, considering interests and personal future goals can also be crucial when planning the schedules of many students. 

“I would recommend that students reflect on their goals and focus on challenging themselves in subjects they’re passionate about,” Kahn said.

Maximilian Nobrega, a current junior, is taking AP Physics C and considering taking AP Physics C: E&M the following year. Nobrega plans to do physics or engineering in college, and he wishes to take as many of these classes as possible to learn the basics in high school. 

“I think that most other students taking the class are also doing it for the electricity and magnetism aspect of it and not just for the AP Physics C,” Nobrega said. 

When students are finalizing their schedules and preparing for the upcoming school year, it becomes important to reach out for support from teachers and upperclassmen. 

“A student passionate about STEM doesn’t usually need to take AP English. I would recommend that they talk to their teachers to gain more knowledge on the advanced classes,” Kahn said. 

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About the Contributor
Emma Wu, Staff Writer
Emma Wu (Class of 2026) is a sophomore who enjoys playing the violin, traveling, and painting. She is a campus writer who focuses on local events and is excited to expand her knowledge of the culture and people around the Bay Area. You can find her hanging out with her friends, going to an orchestra rehearsal, or planning her next trip.

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