Varsity football loses to rivalry school

Kimiko Okumura, Highlander Editor

Eight Carlmont players practice their offensive play before the game against Sequoia begins.
Junior Theo Chatman kneels to the ground, praying, seconds before the start of the game.
Senior Willie Teo pumps up the team as Sequoia warms up.
Wide receiver Boston Funk looks to the Sequoia offense for the snap of the ball.
Chatman runs the ball down the field, in the absence of Sequoia defense.
Coach Rich Guaniario talks Carlmont as they fall behind 20-0. “We needed more momentum in the beginning of the game. We weren’t playing the way we know how to play,” said senior Antonio Baltodano.
Guaniario watches the Carlmont players after they score a touchdown and field goal, bumping the score up 33-7 Sequoia. “So many of the guys were willing to do anything to be in a position to win. I’m old-school, I don’t feel like I ask much from the players,” said Guaniario.
Center Lucas Coley holds the ball before the snap, staring into his defender’s eyes. “They were coming back. They needed to stay strong,” said senior Dalton Sikl.
Chatman looks for an open receiver down the field, as offensive guard Elie Abinader protects Chatman from Sequoia’s defensive players. “We were forced to play a faster game and that isn’t our best game plan,” said Guaniario.
Despite being an away game, the Screamin’ Scots still come to support the team. Junior Spencer Stewart shows his spirit by cheering for Carlmont and holding his hands in the air.
After finishing their last football game of their high school career, senior Berto Ruiz, senior Dominic Blanks, and Abinader give each other a bittersweet hug. “Don’t worry, Carlmont is not going away, 364 days left until next game,” said Guaniario.