Varsity lacrosse pulls off a comeback win against Los Altos


Jack Morris, a senior, gets congratulated by his teammates after his goal.

Nour Zabaneh, Staff Writer

Carlmont may have been trailing behind Los Altos for the majority of the game but in the last quarter, they were able to catch up and pull off the come-from-behind victory.

On March 22 Carlmont boys varsity lacrosse defeated Los Altos High School 11-10.

“The boys started the game in a hole and they were able to keep their composure when the other team frankly didn’t but that’s what brought us back in the game. They kept it classy the whole time,” said head coach Todd Irwin.

The game got off to a rough start with a goal scored by the Eagles within the first seconds of the game. The Eagles continued to maintain possession for the majority of the quarter and the Scots were struggling to keep up. Nathan Dougherty, a senior, came back with a goal and at the end of the first quarter, Carlmont was trailing 4-1.

By the second quarter Carlmont had picked up their intensity but Los Altos still controlled possession with their aggressive offense and pressing defense. Although goals were scored by seniors Harry Andrew and Jack Morris the Scots still were still losing to Los Altos 6-3.

“At the half, we talked about how we had to turn the game around and change our play. Guys who normally don’t take shots took them and we were able to bring up the score,” said Irwin

At the beginning of the second half, it was evident that the Scots were ready to play and with incredible leadership from Luke Cadona, a senior, the game began to turn around. Morris and Cadona kept scoring goal after goal and pretty soon Carlmont was only trailing by one 9-8

“Before the half, we were down and we thought that we were gonna lose this but then we started turning goal after goal and got our confidence back,” said junior Liam Gunning

The Scots remained calm all throughout the game while Los Altos began to get extremely aggressive and disrespectful. Morris continued to score and the Scots took the lead infuriating the Los Altos players even more.

In all, the Eagles committed 20 penalties whereas the Scots only had three the entire night. The Scots discipline and composure helped them come back and win 11-10.

“I am proud of the team and the way we all stayed calm and played as a unit today. It was an overall good win that we should be proud of,” said Morris.  

Carlmont’s next game is against Burlingame on March 27 and the Scots still have a long season ahead.

“We start our league plays next week and it going to be a tough schedule. All the teams are very even in our league and it’s going to come down to the basics of lacrosse: catching, passing, dodging and shooting,“ said Irwin.


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