Working on Black Friday: student-employee Claire Noemer


To most students at Carlmont, Black Friday is a night to go out, shop all night, and come home with the best bargains. Though for some, this is a day jam packed full of stress and chaos.

Senior Claire Noemer, a cashier and jean specialist at American Eagle, worked on Black Friday this year.

IMG_4515“It was so hectic, everything around me was basically trashed… I didn’t get to sit down until my lunch break,” said Noemer.

Working a seven hour shift that day, Noemer still stayed positive and said, “I had it pretty good that day compared to some of [my coworkers] who had to work the midnight shift.” By law, no adolescent under the age of 18 is permitted to work past 10 p.m.

Noemer said, “I usually have Fridays off, but for Black Friday, they [American Eagle managers] just schedule you, and you can’t do anything about it. I wasn’t paid anymore than my standard wage that day.”

“It’s pretty admirable the way Claire balances her daily life. She does it better than anyone I know, she is on the executive board of ASB  [Associated Student Body], she works, and she plays soccer… And she does all of them beyond expectation,” stated senior Tristan Gasperian.

When it comes to school Noemer said, “This year with my six classes, four of them AP classes, it’s much more manageable than it would’ve been last year. It’s not like I’m getting home so late where I can’t do my school work.”

Senior Drew Jung, also on the executive board of ASB, stated, “She is a very busy person but she prioritizes so that she can always be at her most important engagements.”

“The job was my idea.. I like American Eagle and I’ve been shopping there since sixth grade. I love my job, once I got into my groove, it was awesome,” said Noemer.