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X Factor or individual musicians?

The logo for the show, The X Factor.

Many artists nowadays strive to make it in the music industry, although what tactics do they go through to achieve this goal?

In today’s generation, numerous people participate in all forms of music from different genres and time periods and have a large wanting for success in the matter.

There are also many different ways people try to get noticed for their talent, ranging from posting covers on YouTube, all the way to auditioning for mass music competitions on TV.

According to social media, the reality TV show, The X Factor, seems to be one of the best ways to get a shot of becoming well-known in the music industry. Though the goal of The X Factor is to win, becoming a fan favorite has proved to be a much more important.

“Being a fan favorite is one of the most important things in actually benefiting from The X Factor and not becoming a washed out star. Even though some of them aren’t the best musicians on the show, the people who have the most potential go the furthest and build their way up,” said junior Victoria Poslavsky.

The X Factor has several categories which generally consist of girls, boys, groups, and over-25’s. Throughout these categories, one judge mentors a specific group once the live shows begin and take the contestants in the direction they believe is most suitable.

Carlmont senior, Paea “PJ” Afu, auditioned for the second season of The X Factor in 2012. Afu made it through all three producer rounds, although there was a mishap with the call he was supposed to receive in order to audition live in front of the judges.

He said, “We were split into groups based off of what category we were in, which consisted of the teens, young adults, groups, and over-25’s. It was hard to see all of the competition that was going on around me, especially since the people dressed in flashy outfits were easily put through so the auditions would be entertaining.”

Afu also added, “I felt really disappointed after not getting to audition in front of the judges, and even though I really wanted to get further in the competition, I’m happy I still have music by my side and participate in choir at school.”

While many don’t make the cut for worldwide reality TV show, a few select people make it to the live shows and reveal their potential.

The majority of artists who seem to gain the most fame from The X Factor are the groups. One group in particular who appears to have substantially benefited from the show, is One Direction.

Put together in 2010 by Simon Cowell on The United Kingdom X Factor, One Direction has gained attention from fans of all ages across the globe.

As a group that seems to have made boy bands popular again, they have broken several records with their music while winning awards in numerous categories.

Junior Victoria Poslavsky said, “One Direction’s popularity and fanbase has only gotten larger throughout the few years they have been a band and are the main reason The X Factor is such a popular show now.”

While many fan favorites on The X Factor such as One Direction have had a very direct way to gain overnight fame, there are numerous other ways people make it in the music world.

Some other ways include posting song covers online, participating in public musical events, being in a band, building connections with people, and numerous others. Though these means are very different from participating on The X Factor, many musicians have done well on their own.

In particular, posting YouTube covers is something that countless young people seem to do, whether it be for fun, or to make a career out of it. Some dramatically gain followers and subscribers, which tend to grow larger as time goes on.

Senior Chloe Davis said, “Social media is very important in the making of a musical celebrity today. I think posting YouTube covers is very effective because it helps to get yourself out there and interact with fans.”

Another way of getting noticed is performing wherever one can such as concerts and public events. Though it is less popular today, many famous artists started their careers in this situation.

Afu commented, “I think the people who don’t participate on The X Factor are very important since most people in the music industry have not been on it or other similar TV shows.”

While there are countless ways one can showcase their talent, some just have connections that help them become professional musicians. These connections are known as the crucial part of artists’ careers and are a part of almost every musician’s life.

However, The X Factor and other means people go through to reveal their musical abilities have different amounts of freedom and options.

The X Factor contestants are aided by their mentors and are put in a direct path of what their mentors would like, while individuals are able to be more flexible and have a diverse set of choices.

Junior Kira Roman said, “I would rather be noticed as a musician independently, but I would definitely audition since it’s a great way to work with many experienced people and get recognized.”

Freshman Maleia Gutierrez also commented, “Even though I auditioned online for The X Factor twice, I just want to get myself out there. I don’t need to particularly be on the show, I just think it’s a great way to get noticed and have many more opportunities.”

Contestants off of The X Factor and individual artists also have many general differences which tie into their popularity.

Senior Chloe Davis said, “I don’t want to be put into a girl group on the show, it seems very cheesy. I prefer indie music and wouldn’t want to be on The X Factor since most people who become successful end up being pop artists.”

“A lot of people who get attention from The X Factor have more of a pop sound and act as entertainment, rather than bare talent. I think that individuals tend to have a more serious tone to their music, while the groups from The X Factor have new and interesting things to offer,” commented junior Jenna Mourad.

While many opinions contribute to the controversy of musicians off of The X Factor versus individual artists, nowadays it appears that The X Factor is the latest trend to help expose these musicians to many listeners.

All of these opinions tie into social media’s controversial thoughts over the abilities of musicians from The X Factor versus individual artists, however many seem to agree that The X Factor is the latest trend to help expose these musicians to many listeners.

An individual Australian band that hasn't participated on The X Factor, but is gaining fame.
An individual Australian band that hasn’t participated on The X Factor, but is gaining fame.
The group, One Direction from the show, The X Factor.
The group, One Direction from the show, The X Factor.


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X Factor or individual musicians?