A sweet victory for Girl’s Varsity Soccer


Justine Phipps, Scot Scoop Sports Editor/In Depth Editor

Carlmont took a small but sweet victory against Woodside on Tuesday evening.

The game started off with a great deal of offense from Carlmont, with Woodside keeping their defense tight.

Throughout the game, there were slight but not serious injuries for both teams. One of  Woodside’s players received a slight injury a few minutes into the first half, but was able to recover and rejoin the game.

The first half continued as a battle of the defenses with no goals scored.

Outside midfielder Brooke Buckley scored the one and only goal of the game in the middle of the first half, boosting the team’s confidence.

A strong defense and saves by first half goalkeeper Alyssa Fagel prevented Woodside from scoring.

“The first half was [definitely] very offensive oriented, [but by] the end of the second half, we were defensively focused,” said assistant coach Lindsey Moynihan.  “We wanted to maintain our win.”

The second half quickly transferred into a defensive battle. Second half  goalkeeper Lauren Racioppi kept Woodside in place with amazing saves left and right.

“Our defense really worked hard for each other,” said Racioppi. “[The game] went well. I feel like our conditioning has paid off.”

Another Woodside player was injured, and had to sit out the rest of the game. Her status is unknown.

Freshman Olivia Manzanares for Carlmont had a slight concussion, but will still be playing in Thursday’s game.

The game ended with a final score of 1-0 Carlmont, leaving the team pumped as they walked off the field.

“[The game] was very successful,” said Moynihan. “I think our first half was way better than our second half, but we held it together. It was an overall great game by everybody on the team.”

“We really worked together. I don’t think we’ve done that in the past,” said Racioppi. “We really played for each other tonight.”

So far this season, the team has two wins and one tie, and will face off with Aragon High School for their next game.

I think Thursday’s game will go well,” said Racioppi.

We have a lot of confidence after tonight’s game,” said forward Soha Said. “But we know that [Aragon] is a good team, so we will continue to [play] hard.”

Varsity’s next game will be Thursday, Jan. 16 at Aragon High School.