American Idol returns with a twist

American Idol returns with a twist

Over the past few years, America’s gained a judge, lost a judge, gained another judge then lost two more judges on American Idol.

Americnl Idol began in 2002 will judges Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and the famous Simon Cowell. For years, the judges made dreams come true and the show has produced starts such as Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, and Adam Lambert.

“Simon was the best jugde ever,” stated Kelly Finale. “I miss the old judges but its all gravy.”

The chemistry between the judges shifted when Kara DiaGuadi was added and Abdul left, and when Ellen DeGeneres joined. The only remaining original judge is Randy.  However, the two new judges may add a brand new feeling to the show that the audiance may embrace, or totally disregard. We have Ryan Seacrest and Randy to keep the memories alive though.

Now it’s 2011 and American Idol’s judges are rock legend Steven Tyler, pop artist and actress Jennifer Lopez, and good ol’ Randy Jackson.

“Steven Tyler is going to be funny… J-LO is gonna be annoying… And Randy is just gonna be Randy.” (sic) said Lisa Cooper, a senior student.

Although the show is meant to find talent, it seems as though its enjoying the judges behavoir towards the contestants people are entertained by most.

Both judges seem qualified for the job since Jennifer Lopez sold over 25 million albums and Steven Tyler has sold over 150 million albums with his band Aerosmith.

As a dedicated fan of Aerosmith I find watching Steven Tyler on my TV every week like heaven. “Steven Tyler is a hottie… Just for you Miranda.” said Finale.

Tune in on FOX every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00PM to see who will win the competition this year.

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