Are radio stations losing popularity?

The logo for the radio station 99.7 NOW.

The logo for the radio station 99.7 NOW.

Ravina Gujral, ScotCenter Segment Editor

Throughout the years, the radio has developed into a large aspect of entertainment around the world because of how many things it has offered to the general public.

Dating back to the 1800s, people discovered the possibility of wireless telegraphy leading up to the further development of it throughout years after.

Before, the radio served as a form of communication for armies and navies, later it was a source people went to for talk shows, news, and hearing sports games. Now it’s place is to usually play music for listeners while they are on the go to places in their cars.

The radio’s role in life today is slowly becoming more and more diminished as time goes on due to the fact that most people listen to the radio for the music. Although nowadays, many people can hook up their own music to play in the car and don’t need to deal with all of the problems radio stations offer.

Junior Kaitlyn Burke said, “I think the radio isn’t as popular as it once used to be because they play so many commercials and usually just play pop songs. A lot of people can connect their own music to the car so they can specifically listen to what they want instead of shuffling through the radio station to find a station playing a good song.”

With popular radio stations such as 94.9, 99.7, 92.7, 106.1, 105.3, and many more, people are all around different types of pop music on the radio.

Some radio stations have different genres they specifically promote within pop music such as hip hop and rap or alternative. These create some of the diversity available on the radio, however many people don’t want to wait around for their favorite song to be played or for commercials to end.

Junior Victoria Poslavsky said, “I really like alternative music so I listen to 105.3 in the car a lot. I think a pretty small amount of music is played out of the wide selection of music a lot of people listen to, but then again the radio is supposed to be catered to a large amount of people, so I understand why there’s so much pop music.”

“I personally like the radio and the songs they play since I enjoy pop, but it annoys me when they just keep playing the same few songs over and over again. I think the radio is still popular, people just don’t like the fact that some songs are so overplayed,” said junior Andrew Wach.

In the end, radios will still go on as a form of entertainment, but people’s new ways of listening to their own music wherever they are seem to be diminishing the role of the need for a radio.

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