Behind the announcements: meet ASB newcomer Jared Fitzpatrick


Senior VP Jared Fitzpatrick. Photo courtesy of Reggie Chatman.

Julia Kranzler, Staff Writer

Most students know him as the entertaining personality seen in assemblies or heard over the announcements, but there is more to Jared Fitzpatrick than meets the eye.

Fitzpatrick hit the ASB scene last year in his run for senior vice president under Tristan Gasperian. Together, Fitzpatrick and Gasperian developed a hit YouTube election video that they contribute to their success. The video was a spin-off of the song “Rack City” turned “Tank for President” featuring Tank for President and J. Fitz VP. It reached over one thousand views on YouTube.

Senior class officers Tristan Gasperian and Jared Fitzpatrick.
Senior class officers Tristan Gasperian and Jared Fitzpatrick.

“(Tristan) came up to me after soccer and was like ‘Hey, want to be my VP?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah.’ I wanted to be in ASB, I just didn’t know what I would do, so that gave me an opportunity to join,” said Fitzpatrick.

Comedic figure and senior class president Gasperian had high hopes of recruiting Fitzpatrick to run with him in last year’s election.

“I had my eye on Jared since sophomore year…I knew he would be great VP material. I’d pretty much put homecoming in his hands and he did a lot with the float and the senior sweatshirts this year,” said Gasperian.

Though he may be new to the ASB team, Fitzpatrick’s fellow classmates have welcomed him with open arms.

“He’s really friendly and he just brings a more positive atmosphere,” said junior Elise Dimick.

Aside from assemblies, Fitzpatrick can be seen playing on Carlmont’s varsity soccer team or working on homework for his AP courses. He also models for Nectar Streetwear, a clothing company founded by Carlmont students Emma Lin, Drew Jung, and Stefan Dismond.

“In my free time I like to play soccer or hang with Tristan…after high school, I plan on going to college to study  kinesiology,” said Fitzpatrick.

Wherever life may take him, Fitzpatrick will always remember his humble beginnings as the Class of 2014’s vice president and announcement personality.

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