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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Belmont’s Earth Day event raises awareness around the community

Anuja Kamatkar
Organizations such as San Mateo Clean Water Association, Recology, and Peninsula Humane Society partnered with the Belmont City Council in order to promote environmental education

Belmont Council members brought the community together to learn about environmental issues with the 2023 Earth Day event.  

According to National Geographic, established in 1970, Earth Day was celebrated after Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson organized a demonstration to acknowledge climate friendliness. Rallies took place around the U.S., leading to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.  

“It’s one of the most important days where we can spread awareness about climate issues,” said Natalie Su, Vice President of the Carlmont Green Team. 

Today, the Belmont City Council puts heavy emphasis on environmental education.  By organizing events such as these, members hope to spark further interest in understanding the environmental issues the planet is currently facing.

“We want this event to bring some self-consciousness to people’s behaviors and their impacts,” said Julie Frietas, Public Works Administrative Assistant of the Belmont City Council. 

Organizations around San Mateo County gathered in Twin Pines Park on April 22 to teach citizens about their role in protecting the local environment and what they can do to help. 

One program, San Mateo Clean Water Association was keen on being a part of an event that would bring people together and set intentions regarding the state of our environment.

“Having events like this is a way to get people connected, energized, and excited about working towards environmental goals,” said Susan Hiestand, Pollution Prevention Specialist at Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW).  

Since 1975, SVCW has been helping to reduce water waste in San Mateo County, treating wastewater from over 222,000 people and businesses in the area.  Emphasizing innovation and environmental stewardship, SVCW works to keep San Fransisco Bay clean and healthy.

“We take all the water waste in the southern part of the county from our pump stations.  The water is then brought to our plant, treated, recycled, and used for things like irrigation and toilet flushing. Most of it gets put back in the San Francisco Bay,” Hiestand said.  

Belmont community members appreciate city efforts in providing events like Earth Day to inform others about rising environmental issues.  

“It’s so important to have these celebrations in order to make sure our community is focused on sustainable living and staying green,” said Samuel Rozenfeld, an event attendee.

Furthermore, following rising climate issues, the Belmont City Council believes it is critical the community stays educated about the earth’s condition. 

Learning gifts a person with knowledge, and knowledge is a powerful tool,” Freitas said. 

According to Climate and Clean Water Coalition, delayed efforts to migrate climate pollutants may have irreversible consequences for global warming, so it is critical we emphasize green actions.  

“If people start turning their attention towards the climate issues, we can slowly start to reduce our impact on the environment and lower our greenhouse gas emission levels.  Hopefully, they will learn to talk with others about the importance of climate awareness and unite over the climate issue,” Su said. “Many often feel like it is hard to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, however, any small thing you do still has an impact.” 

Recurring annually for the past eleven years, the future of Belmont Earth Day looks bright.  Council members plan on continuing it for the foreseeable future and thus, promoting greater environmental movement.

“Coming to the event and learning something new can help to implement better practices moving forward,” Frietas said. “Change starts with each and every one of us.”

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About the Contributor
Anuja Kamatkar, Staff Writer
Anuja is a sophomore and is interested in learning more about media arts and journalism.  She enjoys being able to discuss and write about current topics. Twitter: @KamatkarAnuja

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Belmont’s Earth Day event raises awareness around the community