Breaking News: Atmospheric river rolls into the Bay Area


Atmospheric River Soaks California / NOAA Satellites / Flickr / Public Domain

An atmospheric river is going to soak the Bay Area this weekend.

A rainstorm has entered the Bay area, relieving California from the dry weather but threatening upcoming homecoming week festivities

With homecoming set to occur next week, the rain could majorly impact the plans. The rally on Wednesday is outside, proving a problem if it is still raining. 

Because of COVID-19, Carlmont’s events are set to take place outside to prevent the spread. However, with the unexpected storm, this could be in jeopardy.

According to The Weather Channel, Sunday has a 100% chance of rain, Monday has a 72% chance of rain, and Tuesday is a 40% chance of precipitation. The storm is said to clear up by next Wednesday, just in time for the homecoming rally.

While Carlmont has not yet made plans to deal with the impacts of the weather, some other Bay Area schools have. Woodside High School’s homecoming dance, which was planned to be on their football field due to COVID-19, was moved from this Saturday to Nov. 7 because of the storm.

The rain may present potential problems for Carlmont matters, but it is much needed in the state of California. Following the driest rain year (from Oct. 2020 to Sept. 2021) in California since 1924, Governor Gavin Newsom expanded the drought emergency statewide on Oct. 19, 2021. With the pure strength of the storm arriving, help for the drought is very likely.

This storm is listed as a category five atmospheric river, where concentrated water vapor travels over the mountains and produces rain or snow.

“An atmospheric river marked as a category four or a five is capable of producing remarkable rainfall totals over three or more days, likely to exceed 10-15% of a typical year’s precipitation in some locations,” said Marty Ralph, director of the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes at UC San Diego in an article with CNN.

With the intense storm approaching, Carlmont event plans and the drought alike remain in question.