Carlmont Boosters Club plays a crucial role in school sports funding


Parker English

A dollar bill displayed in front of the Carlmont football field.

Parker English, Staff Writer

Although the Sequoia Union High School District provides funding to the Carlmont High School athletic program, it is not enough to meet the financial needs of the more than 30 Carlmont sports teams.

Therefore, parents, through contributions to the Carlmont Scots Boosters Club, supplement the district’s funding.

“We get a total of 45 coaching stipends that amount to $176,085. […] We get a total of $60,000 from the District for transportation and supplies.  Last school year we spent $34,000 on buses, $10,000 to recondition the football equipment (which is mandatory) and had $16,000 left over for other needed equipment,” said Patrick Smith, Carlmont athletic director.

The Boosters have raised nearly $100,000 per year, ensuring that the needs of the other sports teams are met.

“Over the last four years, the Boosters have raised about $380,000 or just shy of $100,000 per year.  The four years prior to that, the Boosters raised $190,000 or just shy of $50,000 per year, so the fundraising success has increased,” said John Van Arsdel, the Boosters treasurer.

The majority of the funding raised for this school year, after discussion with the coaches, was used toward the completion of the new Carlmont gym, which cost $100,000. The remaining $42,000 raised by the Boosters was distributed to other sports teams based on need.

“There isn’t ‘priority’ given to any particular sport unless that sport requested a bigger ticket item (scoreboard for baseball, fencing for softball, sound system for the gym, etc.) and the Boosters agreed to fund.  The funds aren’t distributed evenly either, but according to the need/asks by each individual coach,” said Kathryn Zorb, president of Boosters.

The fundraising goal for this school year is $75,000. The Boosters raise money through membership sales, senior athlete volunteers, the selling of Scots gear, and most importantly, a yearly fundraising party called The Shindig, which raises the most revenue for the program.

Membership sales are $50 for an individual, $100 for a silver family, $200 for a gold family, $300 for a platinum family, and $500 for a millennium family, with the more expensive memberships providing additional benefits.

“It’s really important to increase and keep membership numbers high to continue to be able to fund the programs we have and invest in future capital projects,” said Van Arsdel.

The Shindig is being held on April 21, 2018, at the Devil’s Canyon Brewery. All parents of Carlmont athletes are encouraged to attend the event.