Carlmont’s famous Drumline


Photo Credits: Tian Chary

Drumline, known for its creativity and individualism, is a favorite among students at Carlmont.

Drumline performs at football games, spirit rallies, and parades, getting love from people both at and outside of school. Occasionally, Drumline will perform at local middle schools to show off to students and get them excited for school at Carlmont.

But because of its popularity, it’s extremely hard to get in. A good amount of people try out every year, but slots are limited.

Sophomore Chris Cardozo said, “I tried out last year but they refused me because it takes a level of skill which I haven’t developed yet.”

Multiple people are fans of Drumline and look for them constantly.

“They are my favorite part of the assembly,” said junior Daniel Thompson. “My favorite thing they did was glow in the dark water on the base drums and how the turned off the lights and all you could see were the colors flying.”

Despite its name, Drumline is not just some kids playing drums in a line. It is comprised of many creative minds.

In the past, Drumline has performed songs like “Thrift Shop.” In this performance, they dressed up in their best vintage clothes. The members of Drumline have also had performances that involved turning of the lights and attaching glow sticks to their clothes to make it look like walking stick figures.

Carlmont sophomore and Drumline member Michael Muldoon, “We work two to three times a week for a couple hours, and rehearse much more right before a performance.”

Drumline always impresses Scots with new routines and will not disappoint this year at homecoming.

“It will be themed with stuff we have never done before,” said Muldoon. “ People will be surprised.”Drumline 2013