Choir rocks the night away at British Invasion


Ron Weasley making a surpirse (and blurry) apperance.


With the sun setting behind them and a sold out crowd before them, Carlmont’s choir sang the night away with their concert British Invasion.

The concert, set up to support Carlmont’s performing arts program, included songs by the Bee Gees, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

“(It) just seemed like a fun theme everyone would enjoy,” stated Genevieve Tep, head of Carlmont’s choir and organizer of the event.

The concert was also the debut of Carlmont’s latest Choir group-Fine Tuning, which kicked off their arrival with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen.

Many hours were put in to prepare for the concert, with Ayela James noting that “we’ve been preparing for this since day one [of the school year].”

Other students agreed with James that a lot of sweat, tears, and rehearsals went into the concert.

“Ms.Tep is amazing…she really can handle a lot of stress and still do such great work,” replied Kayla Ishmael.

The concert was completely sold out, so much so that the box office didn’t even open. Refreshments were also served, its proceeds also support the Performing Arts program.