Coldplay going on three year hiatus after New Year’s Eve


Mylo Xyloto tour: Last chance to see Coldplay for 3 years

Mylo Xyloto tour: Last chance to see Coldplay for 3 years

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin recently announced mid-show in Brisbane, Australia that the band would be taking a three year hiatus following their New Year’s Eve show with Jay Z.

It is somber news for the many Coldplay fans at Carlmont and all over the world.

The band’s last LP Mylo Xyloto was a huge commercial success, debuting at number one in 34 countries, but was met with mixed critical reception despite the overwhelming sales figures.

Theo Fedronic, a junior and lifelong Coldplay fan said of the hiatus, “Yeah it’s sad, but the hiatus doesn’t mean they won’t make new music for three years, just that they won’t tour, so it’s not really the end of the world.”

The news has had a positive effect on ticket sales for the New Year’s Eve show with Jay Z, with fans clamoring to get their chance to see them live before the break.

The atmosphere at the Brooklyn venue for the show will no doubt be electric, under the circumstances. However, recent polls in Brisbane after the show have shown that the band’s most recent live set has been shattering already astronomically high expectations and leaving fans to claim the show as the best live show they’ve seen. Ever.

Dethroning Springsteen, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, and countless other legends shows the band’s pedigree and work ethic, it’s a shame three years will pass before fans will be treated to the same experience again.