‘Constantine’ is the demon of DC comics


John Constantine is the protagonist and anti-hero of DC’s newest television series. Photo courtesy of www.geeksofdoom.com

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

Most are unaware of the darker and grimmer parts of the DC Comics world, completely different from the cheery lives of Superman and the Justice League.

“Constantine” revolves around John Constantine, an occult detective and former con-artist, who must fight against the rising supernatural threats.

The dark setting of “Constantine,” the televised adaptation of “Hellblazer,” shows a new perspective of the DC  Comics world.

Matt Ryan portrays Constantine not as the optimistic good guy, but as a cold and serious anti-hero who makes it seem like he is being forced to do his job.

The show gives the audience a feeling of a psychological horror with supernatural elements, instead of a light-hearted superhero television series.

In previous series based off of DC comics, there was action and a good balance of comedy as well. In more recent shows, such as “Arrow” and “Gotham,” the story is more realistic, centered around more adult themes.

In the premiere episode, everything is a rush of events happening, with less build-up to the climax and constant action. This takes away from the show’s quality as there is no character development and no time to connect to the characters.

All the elements of the series so far are much more similar to a paranormal thriller, with it’s focus on evil entities and demons, rather than the typical DC comic, which tends to focus more on a superhero and his duty of protecting the city.

It is not the best representation of the comics, and it leads viewers that are new to DC to assume that this series is an example of DC’s usual work.

“Constantine” is the demon of DC for its darker look on the comic’s world and for being unbearable to watch.

2 / 5 stars

“Constantine” airs on NBC Fridays at 10 p.m.