Diverse Creativity Ep. 2: Innovation and entrepreneurship

In this week’s episode of Diverse Creativity, Barry Selick and Steve Del Cardayre dive into what innovation means and how creativity is the basis of their everyday job. With the perspective of the shark and the minnow, Selick and Del Cardayre give their own unique perspectives on what it means to be creative and how to use it.

Barry Selick, Vice Chancellor for Business Development at UCSF: Selick now leads Innovation Ventures and Business Development for one of the biggest scientific development universities in the world. Selick talks about his experiences in the cutthroat world in entrepreneurship and his ideas behind the creative mind.

Steve Del Cardayre, Co-Founder and Cheif Technology Officer at Zero Acre Farms: Del Cardayre’s stealth startup is developing a substitute for vegetable oils as they are the third-largest food group and can be very toxic to the human body. Many diseases and a shortened life expectancy can be a result of consuming vegetable oil. In the heart of the biotechnology world, Del Cardayre talks about his past and how he has come to realize what the creative mind is truly about.

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