Complex Mindz Ep. 4: Trichotillomania part two

Hello and welcome back to the Complex Mindz podcast! Hosts Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner discuss with guest Ellen Crupi how she lived with trichotillomania and its influence on her profession. Lopshire and Eikelbarner expand on how trichotillomania’s definition falls short and how its discussion is short-served, while Crupi also states her thoughts on the Google definition. She explains her experiences with trichotillomania and how they affected her while also saying how her passion for helping others increased.

Crupi mentions how she was able to get into recovery because of her HabitAware Keen 2 bracelet, which helped her tackle the body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) of her trichotillomania. Now Crupi helps others get a handle on their BFRBs and has also started a community called “The BFRB Change Collective.” Although it may not be public yet, she says that if anyone would like to reach out to her based on interest in the community or how they can cope with their trichotillomania, they should contact her at her email: [email protected].

To seek help with trichotillomania and other BFRB disorders, check out the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. Complex Mindz is open to any suggestions and would love to hear a topic they should cover. As always, feel free to email us at [email protected], and thank you for stopping by!