Flying Lotus gearing up to release ‘Until the Quiet Comes’

‘Until the Quiet Comes’ drops October 2

Los Angeles-based producer Flying Lotus, also known as Steven Ellison, is preparing to release the follow up to his 2010 breakout album Cosmogramma. Aptly named Until the Quiet Comes, this will come as his third LP.

Known for his thumping bass-driven tracks and hip hop-centric production, this album contains enough hard hitting tracks to make the quieter, more cerebral moments have more impact. He has steadily moved away from the norms of instrumental hip hop between his albums, sampling more jazz and classical pieces for the framework of songs.

Since his debut album 1983 dropped in 2006, Ellison has shrugged off the comparisons to late producer J Dilla, an innovator in hip hop sampling. With Cosmogramma, Flylo expanded his arsenal, collaborating with the likes of Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Ravi Coltrane.

This album is a different beast altogether.

More organic than Cosmogramma, this is the sound is of an artist who has evolved to the point of mastering his toolbox. Not to say he rests on his laurels on this album, far from it. He expertly weaves classical, jazz, electro, and hip hop into a sonic collage dreamy enough to pull a listener’s mind from his or her immediate surroundings.

Tracks like  ‘Getting There’ combine otherworldly bell samples with the signature stuttering kick and shaker patterns of years past. In ‘See Thru to U,’ Flylo works with the legendary Erykah Badu, her voice echoing into spacey drum arrangements and sparse instrumentation.

Junior Eric He said of Until the Quiet Comes, “I’m pretty excited, not gonna lie. It’s instrumental, so it wont be on the radio or anything, but the beats are sick. It’ll be the first album new album from him I’ll hear, I only got onto FlyLo’s music last year.”

Most Carlmont students do not listen to Flying Lotus, but with his undeniably beautiful production, work ethic, and shrewd collaboration moves, FlyLo is poised to make a dent in our playlists in the coming years.

The album will be released via Warp Records on Oct 2.