Girls basketball finishes strong against rival


Izzy Mitchell

The Lady Scots play tough defense against rivals Sequoia under the rim.

Jordan Hanlon, Editor-in-Chief of The Highlander

Carlmont’s girls basketball team had a quick start to the game as they won the jump against Sequoia.

The Screaming Scots cheered wildly as freshman Catherine Dahlberg made the first basket of the game for the Scots.

Carlmont’s strong start ended after getting the ball stolen from them twice causing some frustration during defense, creating two fouls in a row. The first quarter continued to be slow as the ball went back in forth between the two teams, as a result of aggressive defense and poor passes on both ends.

Once the second quarter began, senior Alyssa Hayes came out strong by forcing a foul and scoring two free throws. The next play Hayes had another great block, stopping a three-pointer.

Carlmont pulled ahead, taking a 17-9 lead. Sequoia tightened their defense and began to play aggressively; the Cherokees drew more shooting fouls on the Scots.

Carlmont then went on a shooting streak, scoring nine points in just three minutes, all made by Dahlberg and sophomore Ashley Trierweiler. They then began to circle back around and double team Sequoia’s ball handlers, which is successful in Carlmont’s favor, earning them many jumps and steals.

The Scots then tightened their defense by double teaming Sequoia’s ball handlers, which is successful in Carlmont’s favor, earning them many jumps and steals.

At this time in the game, the crowds were cheering loudly and the competition was on as both schools tried to yell louder.

“The energy made the game more exciting. The rivalry between the two schools made the game a lot more interesting, especially being my first quad game,” said freshman Elsa Faber.

By the end of the first half, the score was 29-15.

After halftime, the Lady Scots came out in a press break and immediately stole the ball from Sequoia, allowing senior Alexa Bayangos to score.


Despite the quick defense, Sequoia figured out their play and passed around the pressure. The Scots struggled to get back on defense, enabling the Cherokees to score a few easy lay-ups.

Both teams began shooting frequently. However, most shots were not falling for either team. Carlmont managed to get a larger lead, even though their passes remained sloppy. Hayes continued to bring down offensive rebounds and score the layups afterward, which ultimately put Carlmont ahead.

The fourth quarter saw both teams commit many travels and turnovers, yet Sequoia was not able to mount a comeback. The Scots prospered during the last five minutes as they scored 20 points.

“We started with really high energy in the beginning and came out with a lot of intensity. We wanted to start off strong. I think we played well, but we could work on our communication, so there is less confusion on the court,” said Dahlberg.

The game ended 59-35 with Carlmont dominating the offensive rebounds.

“Since the first two games were good, everyone was already excited to play. We worked well together, but our shots just weren’t falling. We then just had to contribute in other ways on the court and help each other out,” stated Trierweiler.

The Lady Scots will play Woodside High School next Friday, Jan. 27.