Girls’ junior varsity basketball displays dominance against the Titans


Parker English

The Scots prepare for tip-off against Gunn high school.

Parker English, Staff Writer

Girls’ junior varsity basketball continued their successful season with an outstanding performance against Gunn High School on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Carlmont was the first team to put points on the board and led the game at the quarter by 14. Throughout the first and second quarter, the Scots went on a 24-0 run, dominating on both sides of the court.

“They ran our offense; they showed improvement in their shot selection tonight; they played a lot of defense. We had a big focus on playing defense with our feet,” said Teagan Stapp, the assistant coach for Carlmont.

This lead only grew throughout the game, increasing by a large margin each quarter. The Scots high pressure on defense and clear dominance led to them breezing through the first half, leading the game by 27 points, with a score of 31-4.

The Titans did manage to quadruple their points in the second half but were still no match for the superior Scots. By the end of the game, Carlmont had racked up 52 points while Gunn fell short with only 16.

“I think we played well, but there is definitely a lot of space for improvement. Since this game wasn’t necessarily a challenge, we couldn’t see our full potential,” said Chloe Palarca-Wong, a sophomore at Carlmont High School.

This win improved Carlmont’s record to 3-1, but the season is far from over, with only four games played.

Other players on the team also sought to depict what could be improved on for the next game.

“In the future, we should work to communicate better, be less robotic, and make good choices,” said Gaby Goldman, a sophomore at Carlmont High School.

Even though the Titans may have been an easy opponent, Carlmont showed potential and improving on some aspects of their game could make them a top contender.

“Our goals for our team this year are to come together and to play well in each game; to run our sets, to play good defense, to play as a team, and to represent Carlmont well,” Stapp said.

The Scots are rearing up for a great season and this is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go.

The Scots are set to play Saratoga High School at 5 p.m., on Dec. 7.