How to Survive High School Day 16: Don’t be afraid to let go of old friends


Isabella Paragas, Illustrator and Staff Writer

Remember that one friend you met in sixth grade during math class, with that horrible teacher who was definitely out to fail you, and instantly became best friends?

Or that other friend who you have known since elementary school when you were desk buddies and were the reigning champions of kickball?

 And, now, where are they?

You see them in the hallways. You might have a class or two with them. But you don’t talk, you don’t text. You’re Facebook friends, but you don’t chat when they’re on.

What happened to the Friday night hangouts, when you would complain about all your mean teachers, giggle about the cutest boys, or spend hours arguing over who’s going to win Fantasy Football?

Maybe your classes never were the same. Or maybe you just never made time to hang out after school.

Mourn the passing of a friendship, but do not dwell on it too much. This could hinder you from making new friends and forging stronger connections.

Friends come and go, and you may stick with your old crew. But as time goes by, especially once you become a senior, you might not be as close as you used to be.

This isn’t a bad thing, since you will find friends that mean even more to you, and whose friendships have to possibility to last long after high school ends.

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