How to Survive High School Day 10: Use it or regret it


Scott Schulze, Staff Writer

Every lower classman at Carlmont is granted a locker at the start of every school year. Receiving this locker may seem like an optional extra you are provided. However, you will come to find that the benefits of using the locker will help you reduce the stress of carrying too many things and minimize your ‘freshman backpack’.

Lockers allow you to store extraneous things like sweatshirts, jackets, umbrellas, textbooks, food, drinks, or anything else you want.

As a senior, I regret not using my locker as much as I could have in the past. Using your locker is definitely a privilege everyone should take full advantage of. If I could go back in time and tell my freshman self advice, I would tell him “you have enough time between classes to use your locker. It makes life a lot easier”about using lockers.

So, take my advice. Use your locker. Otherwise, you will surely regret it.