Juniors upset seniors in Mini Madness final


Thomas Leme

Tanner Anderson, a junior, prepares to shoot a free throw in the Mini Madness championship game on March 23.

Thomas Leme, Staff Writer

It all came down to this.

Juniors against seniors to see which class would be the kings of the court.

The last game of Mini Madness, on March 23, left the juniors victorious while the seniors took second place.

Earlier in the week, the seniors beat the freshmen and the juniors followed suit, beating the sophomores in the semifinal games.

This set up a consolation game for the underclassmen on March 22 while the upperclassmen took part in the championship game.

Much like the real March Madness, the upsets were saved for the second round as, in both games, the lower grade pulled off a victory.

In the consolation game, the freshmen were able to beat the sophomores 15-10.

Then in the championship game, the juniors took home bragging rights after a tense 19-16 victory.

Before tip-off, seniors were confident that they had what it took to win the game.

Senior Team coach Greg Lau said, “We got a lot of ex-varsity players on the team and we’re confident that our squad can pull out the win.”

However, the juniors also showed a similar confidence as they warmed up.

Junior Team coach James Houston said, “We’re going to channel our inner beast mode as the junior class which really works to our advantage.”

Which is more exciting: the real March Madness tournament or Carlmont's Mini Madness?


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The game started off slow with neither team scoring in the first couple of minutes.

It was the juniors who eventually drew first blood, and from then on it was a very tense back-and-forth affair.

When there was just over a minute left in the game, the juniors were leading 17-16 but the seniors had the ball with a great chance to take the lead.

However, a missed layup by Adam Chiu, a senior, and a block from Mitchell Plane, a junior, kept the juniors ahead.

Then, a quick breakaway made it 19-16 in favor of the juniors.

On the next possession, the seniors had a chance to tie it up as Samuel Perry attempted a three-pointer with just six seconds left but missed it and essentially guaranteed a win for the juniors.

The seniors have never won an intramural sport.”

— Leo McBride

It felt pretty good to win, I think we did a good job beating the seniors,” said Tanner Anderson, a junior.

It wasn’t nearly as fun for the seniors who didn’t get a happy ending to their intramural careers at Carlmont.

Leo McBride, a senior, said,“The seniors have never won an intramural sport.”

Overall, the tournament was seen as a success by many students, including some seniors.

Lau said, “The tournament was really fun. It got the Carlmont community out and the crowd was usually laughing and going crazy even for a simple dribble move. It’s just so exciting.”