JV boys’ basketball team finishes their season strong


Mia-Isobel Craig

Daniel Awad, a freshman, tries to block an Aragon player from passing the ball.

Mia-Isobel Craig, Staff Writer

Applause and high fives echoed throughout the gym as the last buzzer of the JV boys’ basketball season went off. Carlmont had won their game 40-27 against Aragon High School.

“I want to end the season on a high note; we lost four games in a row at one point,” said JV coach Josh Wellman.

The game started, and the Scots started with the possession of the ball first. But immediately after they got the jump ball, the Dons got a steal and tried to score with no luck.

After a few minutes of both teams going back and forth across the court, Carlmont scored a two-pointer; Aragon responded quickly with another two-pointer.

The Scots attempted many three-pointers for most of the first quarter but would often miss, with the Dons then getting the rebound. The quarter ended at 7-3, with Aragon in the lead.

“We worked on defense a lot in the practices, so we still had a chance to win the game,” said Wellman.

The second quarter commenced, and the Dons scored first. However, Aragon kept fouling Carlmont, giving them multiple free throw points.

Near the midway point of the second quarter, the Scots were ahead by one point with a score of 11-10, but the Dons shut down that lead by scoring a three-pointer.

Nevertheless, after multiple baskets made, sophomore Nick Knobel hit a buzzer shot, which pulled Carlmont ahead to 21-16, expanding the gap that they had gotten.

As the third quarter began, Aragon came back with an aggressive spirit and scored within the first ten seconds. While the Scots were effectively getting the defensive rebounds, they weren’t doing executing well on offense in the beginning.

“I need to work on my aggressiveness when I’m on offense,” said Zac Mallet, a sophomore.

Suddenly, Carlmont got fired up and started making their lay-ups, increasing the score to 29-24, with the Scots still in the lead. The quarter ended on that score, making both teams motivated to win.

The fourth quarter wasn’t very eventful at first, but midway through the quarter, sophomore Anson Fong got injured and couldn’t play anymore. Beside that setback, Carlmont still pulled ahead and ended the game at 40-27.

Sophomore Joe Seaman said, “It wasn’t our best game, but we didn’t give up and it was nice to win.”