King Chuan Chinese Restaurant provides an authentic ambiance


[media-credit id=48 align=”aligncenter” width=”224″][/media-credit]King Chuan Chinese Restaurant is located on the corner of San Carlos Avenue and Laurel Street in San Carlos.

Its authentic food surrounded by an excellent cultural atmosphere makes it a prime spot to grab some Chinese food.

With a large menu ranging from the generic fried rice and chow mein to more exotic dishes, this restaurant is a great place to enjoy favorites or try something new.

The friendly service and comfortable dining areas make the meal a very enjoyable service, but what sets King Chuan apart from most other Chinese restaurants is their ability to bring the food to the customers. Although guests can expect at least 15 minutes to be added to the wait, King Chuan reliably delivers any meal more than $20.

My usual meal consists of the generic chicken fried rice and chicken chow mein along with a broccoli and beef dish and my personal favorite, hunan beef. The hunan beef, which is one of the many spicy dish options at King Chuan, is an example of their cooks taking generic food items, like bell peppers or meat, and putting their own twist with their special sauces and other ingredients.

Of the countless times I have ordered food, I have never once had a complaint about the food quality and the servings are far from small. The only downside to eating at King Chuan is the food can be a bit on the expensive side, but for the food quality, quantity, and service, it is worth the extra money.

Overall: 4.5/5

Food quality: 4.5/5

Seating: medium- they deliver as well

Kids: no kids menu but there are plainer dishes

Service: friendly and usually fast