Maylon Robinson shares her ‘fashion faves’

Angela Perez de Tagle, Staff Writer

Teenagers today often encounter obstacles when developing their own unique style. In truth, for high school students, standing out from the crowd has proven to be quite a challenge.

There remains, nevertheless, the fortunate few who find it easy to distinguish their style from the usual trends. One student in particular is senior Maylon Robinson.


Robinson, well-known around campus as the perfect representation of the modern fashionista, possesses a distinct taste in fashion that encompasses a variety of styles.

“I have a lot of favorite places to shop. Probably at the top of my list would be a tie between Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. I like Urban Outfitters, because I can literally find anything I am looking for. But I  think American Apparel holds priority over Urban because at the moment I am so drawn to the 90s style of clothing,” said Robinson.

Apart from her typical go-to shops, Robinson enjoys online shopping for brands such as Brandy Melville and For Love of Lemons.

“There’s also this one online store called Runway-dreamz that sells destroyed denim high-waisted shorts that are to die for. But they are a little pricey,” said Robinson.

Robinson is not ashamed to admit she can be somewhat of a shopaholic. She understands the need to cut back and save her money yet cannot resist the routine shopping spree that follows her Wednesday paychecks.

“On average, I spend around $200 on clothes, shoes, and accessories. I just can’t help myself though! It’s starting to get to the point where I need a second job just to save my money,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s signature style consists of “anything high-waisted” but changes frequently. She said, “Stores come out with new styles all the time! Which is a blessing and a curse, a blessing because I love the new styles and a curse because they are so expensive.”

In contrast, the primary trends Robinson did not place on her hit list were color-blocking and metallic shoes.

“I don’t really like pairing plain colored clothing together. I like to throw in patterns and different textures,” she said.

Though purely original, Robinson’s style was not easily constructed without celebrity influences. Her top fashion icons are Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Beyonce. When discovering new trends, Robinson searches for the perfect balance between chic and urban attire.

“I love the whole boho-chic look, as well as grunge looks that are really edgy but also feminine,” Robinson said.

Thanks to Robinson, Carlmont can proudly call itself home to yet another modern trendsetter.